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Looks like I'm paying for all the birthday shenanigans now, is this what happens when you're 30?! 😂 Currently in bed with a throat infection and missing sunny Budapest. The post-birthday blues are real. 😭#KbelsBudaBday

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Thanks for all the birthday love yesterday! 🎉 We've been ticking foodie recommendations off the list and Mazel Tov didn't disappoint. Chicken shawarma, chicken in the hummus (we ordered the wrong thing but ate it anyway) and the best chips ever. The girls are having to stop me from going back tomorrow... 🍴#KbelsBudaBday

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I'm 30 baby! 🎉😱🍸🎈Escaped to Budapest with @shinythoughts & @wishwishwish, even our crazy neighbour can't stop our fun! 😂 #KbelsBudaBday

What It’s Really Like Blogging In New York: Cynthia

My last NYC post (sob) is a good 'un as I got to interview someone I’ve been inspired by for ages. Cynthia’s smile is infectious and her travel photos always stand out on my Instagram feed. I managed to catch her after work in Tribeca, she was simultaneously messaging a brand whilst answering my questions and had a meeting scheduled after our chat. [ 1,658 more word ]

My Style Evolution & Fashion Mistakes! | Kristabel

New video alert! My Style Evolution & Fashion Mistakes! | Kristabel

Kristabel Loves #10: The August Reading List

August WYD??? I knew that our British Summers could be a little temperamental, but torrential rain during my birthday month? Fortunately I predicted that this would happen and decided to plan a girly getaway to Budapest for the big 3-0. I’ve not been away for my special day in ages and just wanted a solution to all those ‘What are you doing for your birthday?’ questions. [ 531 more words ]

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There's a new post featuring this beaut of an ASOS skirt! It's a way to wear ruffles if you're not a girly girl plus it's great if you have #shorttorsoproblems. 😂 The only thing that would make it perfect? I wish it didn't need ironing! It can only be worn on days where I don't give myself ten minutes to get ready.... 🙈 #asseenonme

How To Wear Ruffles (If You’re Not A Girly Girl)…

I haven't done a proper fashion post here in a while! To be honest, I'm never going to be one of these bloggers uploading a haul every week. My Summer shopping tends to peak around March/April when all the newness arrives, before the inevitable failed online orders and bank account fluctuations. I'm extremely fussy and know how I want my body to look, but unfortunately a lot of the High Street is against me. [ 222 more words ]

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Who else had a lazy day and only made their bed at 6pm? 😅Fortunately I did have a few hours of productivity and managed to upload a vlog featuring a certain proposal (not mine obvs, that shizzle would be livestreamed). 💍 The link is in my bio of course! Now I'm going to start watching Master of None, I can't be the only one who's late to the party? 😂 #abmspaces

VLOG | A Surprise Proposal & All The #BlackGirlMagic! | Kristabel

New video alert! VLOG | A Surprise Proposal & All The #BlackGirlMagic! | Kristabel

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I knew that my collection of blue tableware would come in handy one of these days. 💙 I'll be collaborating with NIVEA over the next few months and attempting to understand my skin a bit better. Are you a fan? Currently I'm loving their eye makeup remover, the cat-eyes are long gone and there's no scary marks on the pillow! 😂#MySkinMyWay #ad #NIVEA

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One day I will stop posting pictures of this street. 💙 It's just as well that I stocked up on Copenhagen snaps, not sure if me and my soggy trench coat would cut it these days. 😂#abmtravelbug

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The braids are out and now I'm having another limbo period until I work out how to style my hair for my birthday. 😬 This month's #SCHWARZKOPFcreators post is about #MYcolor and I'm always tempted to dye my natural hair, before changing my mind. I think that's the universe's way of telling me to leave it be as it grows out? Don't worry, I have other ways of achieving the blue hue I'd like for Autumn (yes, I'm probably the only blogger with a five-year plan for my barnet). 😂 @schwarzkopf #sponsored

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As if I was eating outside two days ago! 🍴We tried the new menu at @sandersonsocial and the setting feels like you're somewhere far, far away from Oxford Street. Make sure you try the triple cooked chips (and don't share them, they're pretty life-changing). 😂

6 New York Restaurants (That Have Nothing To Do With Burgers)

I feel like I'm constantly introducing myself as a fashion, travel and all-the-things blogger, but back in the day things were a lot simpler. I’d share wishlists, badly composed photos taken by my bedroom door and musings about the 500 posts I would go through on Google Reader. Food only really came into it a few years in and it wasn’t just to get the free meals, oh no. [ 891 more words ]

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Summer, where you at? 😬 I'm remembering sunnier, more cider-filled times over on the blog and I've shared a 'lil chatty video with @mortimersorchard. We explored one of my favourite parts of London and it's a real contrast to me battling the rain rn! 😂 #summerinthecity #ad

Secret Corners Of London

SUMMER IN THE CITY WITH MORTIMER'S ORCHARD Nice knowing you Summer 2017! I jest of course, even though the heatwave seems to be on a break. Still, London in Summer is one of my favourite times of the year, as temperamental as it is. There’s so much going on (the Camille Walala exhibition is next on my list), people seem a lot happier and I always try and make the most of all those outdoor spaces. [ 238 more words ]

Kristabel Loves #8: The July Reading List

Did you miss me? The round-up posts I mean, obviously I've still been twirling and attempting to recreate my trademark 'leaning-against-a-wall' post every so often. I've been spending the month getting back into the swing of things again and it feels good to have regular content. I anticipated a bit of a 'Summer slump', since it tends to happen around this time of year and thankfully I'm through the worst of it. [ 324 more words ]

VLOG | Visiting Copenhagen On A Budget + Bike Fails! | Kristabel | AD

New video alert! VLOG | Visiting Copenhagen On A Budget + Bike Fails! | Kristabel | AD

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We found the most colourful shop in Copenhagen, @palermohollywoodcph! 💙 My tip for shopping is to have zero expectations and visit during sale season. I thought I'd find some colourful plates but ended up buying some @haydesign cushions for 80% off instead. My transformation to crazy cushion lady is complete. 😂 #hoppahacks #ad

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Being carefree in Copenhagen. 💙 Though less than 24 hours later I had a bit of a breakdown on the bikes and had to get consoled by a random Danish woman. It's never ideal when you realise your bike is electric and heavy AF, when the dock is ages away. Oh well, at least my step count is off the charts. 😂 #hoppahacks

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OK how am I so late to the Smørrebrød party? I've been to Copenhagen three times and it's only now that I've tried this piece of sandwich heaven? 😍 I didn't realise they would be so filling, hence me ordering the chicken wings, chips and token veg to share with @inmysundaybest. Need to figure out how to recreate this at home asap. 🍞 #hoppahacks

Things To Do In London #2: The Grand Journey

If you really like gin... Now let’s go from flatshare dining to a bit of a Monday-evening extravaganza. I introduced you to ‘The Grand Journey’ by Bombay Sapphire earlier this week, it’s a bit of an immersive experience held in London to explore what makes this tipple so special. Imagine a gin-themed Secret Cinema and you’d be halfway there. The event is basically a bit of marketing genius and the reason why I was excited, is because I’m so fascinated with how certain flavours are paired together. [ 660 more words ]

What It’s Really Like Blogging In New York: Noelle

Grab a cup of tea for the fourth installment in my series, where I showcase the creativity within the world of blogging. This time I’ve taken my interviews across the pond and met up with Noelle near her Greenpoint apartment. She’s originally from Louisiana and has been blogging since June 2013. If you want to start blogging to make money, you’re going to fail. [ 1,472 more word ]

The Quick & Easy Curry & Cocktail Combo

An Introduction To 'The Grand Journey' I can’t be the only one with a store cupboard filled with ingredients and no idea what to cook? The thing that most excited me about moving out was being in control of my own meals, but after approximately 235 mushroom risottos and many versions of meatballs (that always fall apart), I’ve been wanting to increase the recipes I make. [ 590 more words ]

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There's a new NYC post up on the blog and this time I'm bigging up Brooklyn. 🙌🏾 I definitely have a bond with this part of town since I lived there for five months and I got to see a different side during my recent visit. Still thinking about the $2 dumplings! 😭😭😭 #linkinbio

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Forever running around London like a headless chicken (but always making time to snap these 🌸🌹🌺🌷). Priorities sorted. #underthefloralspell

How To Spend The Perfect Weekend In Brooklyn

Ah Brooklyn! This chilled out borough is probably my favourite thing about New York. As much as I love the drama of Manhattan, hopping across the East River is where things feel a lot more ‘normal’ and like the areas I’m used to in London. I remember when each 'L' train journey felt a bit like an adventure (until I started using it for my commute - the sardine situation is real) and the sense of achievement when I finally figured out how to get around. [ 1,475 more word ]

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Where will you find pizza, @peroniuk and plenty of Parmesan? 🍕There's a new post on the blog chatting about my previous aperitivo experiences (apparently I was going about it all wrong before 🙊) and the Somerset House Terrace, presented by Peroni Ambra. It's like a taste of Italy by the Thames and their new drink goes perfectly with all the nibbles. Link is in my bio! ☀️ #PeroniAmbra #AmbraHour #ad

Things To Do In London #1: A Taste Of Italy By The Thames

With Peroni Ambra Now it’s July, I’m in that slightly panicked state of mind since the Summer months are in full swing. I’m always conscious of how quickly time seems to pass now I’m seriously ‘adulting’ and instead of just freaking out on Twitter, I need to start organising stuff to do. Before you know it, it'll be time to moan about my lack of double glazing again (always got to keep it real here). [ 317 more words ]

VLOG | Revealing my AncestryDNA results! | Kristabel

New video alert! VLOG | Revealing my AncestryDNA results! | Kristabel

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I've switched to a braided ponytail for #SCHWARZKOPFcreators, so I now have a low-maintenance do during the Summer months. If it's good enough for Beyoncé, after all! My morning routine for #MYstyle is now pretty simple, so there's no more excuses for me being late. 💁🏾 I'm also trying out the @got2buk Spiking Glue to keep everything nice and neat, have any of you used it? After trying so many edge tamers, I think I may have found the one! 🙌🏾 @schwarzkopf #sponsored

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Arrrrgh! I'm having a moment where I'm a bit too particular about my grid, hence me not posting for a few days. It's a major first world problem but when Instagram is a part of your job, you want to do the best that you can. 😬 I took this photo a few weeks ago, it has nothing to do me with me trying to juggle writer's block and procrastination today, but oh well. Would you prefer to see the reality of me working in my flatshare (surrounded by tortilla chips) or snippets of London instead? 🤔Perhaps I really do need to #freeupmyinsta, it's a challenge created by @allison_sadler_ in a bid to tackle all those insta-issues... 🙌🏾

All The Reasons Why You Should Visit Harlem

Being a zone 4 born and bred Londoner, I’m used to going off the beaten track (Overground trains and trams are my thing). I believe that you learn a lot more about a destination if you venture out of the typical areas and I did so much of this when I lived in New York. I went to Flushing for authentic Chinese food, Crown Heights for my relaxers and the MOMA in Queens for a spot of culture. [ 534 more words ]

Wimbledon Whites

With Häagen Dazs What’s the one thing I have in common with Kate Middleton? I love tennis. My obsession probably started when children's tv was my thing and Wimbledon used to mess up the schedule. I ended up having that ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’ kind of attitude after a while and started following the careers of certain players. [ 317 more words ]

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Kristabel pose number #17, grabbing the basket bag and looking optimistically into the distance. 😂 This beaut of a dress is now on sale, all deets here: #liketkit #LTKEurope #bodenbyme 🌸

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Happy Friday! 🙌🏾 This weekend is all about brunch, Zumba (yes I'm 80) and more cycling lessons. I also finally downloaded Bumble and have no idea how to make the first move. A little help?! Do I talk about my riveting weekend?! 😂😂😂 #abmspaces

Being A Tourist With A Twist In New York

After seven years of pining and getting FOMO from all the Instagrams, I finally went and booked a flight to NYC. Just in case you’re not au fait with my relationship with the city, I lived there for seven months back in 2010 as a knitwear design intern. Casual, huh? It may sound glamorous, but in reality I was working crazy hours, getting lost and attempting to survive without air con when the weather hit 30 degrees. [ 1,636 more word ]

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Ready for tennis in my Wimbledon whites! 🎾 Currently hanging with Häagen-Dazs at the #WTAparty (and a getting little starstruck over Sloane Stephens). 🎾 They've got a new #Strawberriesandcream flavour that embodies the tournament and I may have scoffed a few already... 🍓 #HaagenDazs #extraordinaryserve #Spon

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Ever wondered what Peruvian tapas looks like? 🇵🇪 Loved the flavour explosion at @senorceviche, their signature dish has a nice kick with lime, coriander and sweet potato purée. 🍴#abmfoodie

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Are you even a blogger if you don't know where all the hydrangeas are? 💙 Found the perfect florals to coordinate with my @cathkidston_ltd denim jacket, its online now! 🌺 #mycathkidston #ad